A picture of Blake on the north shore of Beaver Pond in Yellowstone National Park. Taken September 2023

Hi! I’m Blake. I’m originally from Tennesse but I’ve moved around a bit over the years. I was in California for many years. I’m currently based in Colorado.

By day, I’m a software engineer. I currently build spatial things at Apple. You can learn more about my work history over here.

By night (and on the weekends), I have several (read: too many) hobbies: cooking, woodworking, reading, climbing, and more.

This site is mostly for my own benefit (and memory). Occasionally, I write things that I feel are worth sharing with people I know. I’m not active on social media so it’s handy to have a place that I control to host those ramblings.

All opinions on this site are my own.

😼 For George.