A not so merry post.

In memory of George. June 1, 2015 — April 15, 2023.

I lost my cat George in April. Over the years, he’d been dealing with a heart murmor and then late last year he was diagnosed with congestive heart failure. It was very rough at first but the treatment was going really well. In April, I noticed his breathing became labored so I took him in for a check up. I assumed we’d adjust his meds and get things back on track. We weren’t even at the vet’s office a full hour before he was gone. It all happened so fast. Even now, looking back, it seems a little unreal.

I thought I’d share a few of my favorite memories.

One night several years ago, a group of friends were gathered at my house for dinner. I was in the back of the house on a phone call when I heard a loud commotion coming from the dining room. I rushed to see what was going on and found my two cats, Fred and George, cornering a mouse. My guests were egging them on! Fred was keeping the mouse’s attention while George flanked it, velociraptor style. Clever boy.

Much to the cats’ chagrin, I saved the mouse and put it outside. That was the only mouse that made it out of that house alive. The boys would go on to leave me three little “gifts” at the foot of my bed over the years in that house.

One day I came home from picking up groceries and made my way in carrying every single bag (as you do). I managed to get the front door open but in my struggle I unknowingly failed to close the door behind me. I made my way to the kitchen to put the groceries away and eventually realized the front door was wide open. I went to close it and found George just sitting on the threshold looking out at the big wide world. He was so taken by the view that he never even tried to leave.

George loved to play fetch but only on his terms. He would often drop the toy about halfway back to you, forcing you to play a little fetch as well.

I wish that I had played fetch with him more often in his final months. Oh how he loved to chase after those little mice!

I am greatful for the almost eight years that you brought joy to my life. I hope I gave you as much love and joy. You were the sweetest cat. I’m going to miss you dearly.