The month of March was a busy one for me. I recently started trail running and have really been trying to log some miles. Kellie and I are gave up on our backpacking training program. It was just too repetitive. We’ve since moved on doing our own things (me running, her working with a trainer). We have kept up our streak of weekend hikes. We at seven weeks and counting!

According to Strava, in March, I spent 22 hours active (walking, running, hiking, etc.), traveled 58.6 miles, and gained 8,967 feet of elevation. Over the past five weeks, I’m averaging around 12 miles and 1786 feet of elevation gain per week. My current routine is to run twice during the week for general fitness, climb twice at the gym, hike with Kellie at least once, and do one longer trail run on the weekends. I feel like I’m getting stronger and I’m down about eight pounds.

I kind of started trail running out of the blue (more on that in a future post) and I’ve been blown away by how much I’ve enjoyed it. I’m not going for any PRs or FKTs… I’m just happy to be out here running around in the mountains.

It seems like we’re finally at the tail end of winter. We had a lot of snow in March and it was fun at times but I think Kellie and I are both ready for spring.