My recipe for a delicious cup of pour over coffee. When done well and with fresh coffee, this will be the cleanest and brightest cup of Joe you’ll ever have.

Prep Time: 5 min | Cook Time: 5 min | Difficulty: Easy | Servings: 1


30 grams fresh1, coarse ground coffee 350 grams hot (not boiling) water Adjust ratios to taste.


  • Pour over carafe (e.g. Chemex or equivalent)
  • Paper pour over filters (I prefer white paper filters)
  • Burr grinder (strongly recommended)
  • Goose neck kettle (recommended for easier pouring)



  1. Grind beans. If possible, grind beans just before brewing. Consistency should be medium-coarse, similar to coarse salt or sand.
  2. Heat water. Water should be just shy of boiling, 195°-205°F.
  3. Pre-wet filter. Put filter in place on carafe and pre-wet with enough water to soak most of the filter. It doesn’t take much water and this will hold it in place. Dump filtered water out of carafe.
  4. Assemble on scale. Put coffee in wetted filter and place entire carafe on gram scale.
  5. Zero out your scale now.


This recipe uses the three pour method. Each pour should be slow but steady and in a circular motion, working from the center out and back in.

  1. Pour just enough water to saturate the grounds (~30g). Give it a gentle stir with a chop stick. Allow to “bloom” for 30 sec.2
  2. Pour until the scale reads 200g. Allow to filter down.
  3. The final pour should take you all the way to 350g.

Once the brew is complete, you should end up with a beautiful, smooth bed of wet grounds. If you have a rough crater, you probably poured too quickly.


  1. For best results, check the packaging to ensure that your coffee is as freshly roasted as possible. Preferably within the last month. Coffee at most grocery stores was roasted a long time ago and is not great for pour over. Whole Foods has a decent selection. A local coffee shop or roaster will have the best selection. ↩︎

  2. Stale coffee will not bloom. 😔 ↩︎