Update 03/14/2024: We made it through 4½ weeks before we got bored with the routine. It was too repetitive. We decided to go a different direction with our fitness routine: a combination of running, climbing, Apple Fitness+, and hiking on the weekends. We’re still going strong!

Last week, Kellie and I started a new training program geared towards getting us in better shape for climbing, hiking, and an upcoming back packing trip. I thought I’d summarize what we’re doing.

I adapted the 6 Weeks to Trail Fit program (Outside Online) to work in some climbing and an extra rest day.

The program is 6 weeks. The excercises are essentially the same each week but they get progressively more difficult due to added weight, duration, or elevation.

  • Monday: Strength and Conditioning
  • Tuesday: Climbing and Core
  • Wednesday: Active Rest Day
  • Thursday: Strength and Conditioning
  • Friday: Climbing and Core
  • Saturday: Adventure Day! Hiking
  • Sunday: Passive Rest Day and Meal Prep

I’ll report back at the end of the program to summarize how things went (and provide a PDF). We’re off to a good start though. Week one ended with us hiking the Enchanted Mesa Trail.

A picture hiking the Enchanted Mesa Trail in the snow. Taken February 2024